Swing + Twang + Bang = SWANGBANG”

You like all different kinds of music, right?  Well, so do Matt Kelley and Swangbang.

The jazz of the '30s, hip-hop of the '90s, blues of the '40s, funk of the '70s, rockabilly of the '50s, TV themes of the '80s, and soul of the '60s are all full of their own excitement and nostalgia.  With guitar fretboard wizardry and an A-list rhythm section, Swangbang will leave you wondering how one band can cover so much musical ground.

Matt Kelley (guitar/vocals) has been making a holy raucous with his best friend Ian Walters (piano/vocals) since meeting at the now-defunct Zoo Bar in Washington, DC more than 10 years ago.  Their musical partnership is rooted in the blues, but have spread to encompass anything the vast expanse of American recorded music has to offer.  With an equally wide array of musical loves, drummer Torro Gamble (Bill Kirchen, The DCeivers) brings jazz chops, country shuffles, and funk grooves, all with guns out.  Bass player Andreas Holmstrom (Sol Roots, Gonzo's Nose) lends the chops he developed playing metal in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden to classic funk and low down blues alike.

Looking up to their DC roots music heroes and friends, Swangbang is always bringing new musical ideas to familiar grounds.

Swangbang at American Roots Concert Series Photo by Pearl Bailes

Swangbang at American Roots Concert Series Photo by Zenaida Odom

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