Matt Kelley Band

Solo, Duo with Ian Walters, Trio with Steve Riggs and Drex Weaver, or more! Blues, Trad Jazz, Rockabilly, Country,'s all there.  Currently hosting every other Sunday Blues Jam at Escafe and most Thursdays at the Tin Whistle in Charlottesville. 

Matt Kelley and Ian Walters

Matt Kelley and Ian Walters play a broad mix of roots music combing their passion for blues, R&B, and roots. Matt was recognized at the 2010 International Blues Competition as best guitarist, winning the Albert King Award. Joined by Ian Walters, they represent a new generation's passion for the best music of the '40s and '50s. With the rhythm section of Andrew Guterman, they show that the old folks aren't the only ones that know how to have a good time.

Ian B. Walters and I enjoy each other's company, and when we get together, we play whatever we want. Or what you want. We're a pretty straight ahead James Booker/Bob Wills/Blind Willie McTell/Chet Atkins/Earth, Wind, & Fire/Bell Biv Devoe/Weezer cover band.

Phil Wiggins and the Chesapeake Shieks

Phil Wiggins is, as his wife loves to say, a musical genius and tropical fish enthusiast.  Though known as a practitioner of Piedmont blues, Phil is using this band to show how much of a bad-ass he is playing swing tunes from the '20s, '30s, and '40s.  With Ian Walters, Steve Wolf, and Marcus Moore, Esq., I'm really excited about this band's upcoming foray into the recording studio. 

Lydia Warren & Matt Kelley Band

To the surprise of many, I have a ridiculously attractive and talented girlfriend.  Sometimes, we play gigs together, where she shows off the finest practicionary of West Side Chicago blues this side of the Midwest.

Big Boy Little Band (former)

I used to be in this blues band.  They used to host a blues jam every Thursday at the Zoo Bar in Washington, DC.  In 2009-10, we won the DC Blues IBC Competition, made the Finals of the International Blues Competition at the IBC, and I won the Albert King Award for the best guitar player of the Finals. Bret's a really good song writer, and I think we play at a reasonable volume.

Glenn Moomau & the Juke Drivers (former)

Glenn Moomau, though mild-mannered educator of youths by day, presides over "black eye night and drunk night" in Fells Point.  We play an inordinate amount of Percy Mayfield songs.  Like angsty, talented teenage girls are to Tom Waits, the Juke Drivers are to Percy Mayfield.  Eric Shramek often plays bass accompanied by PT, and Robbie Leebrick plays drums.

Other Projects
Johnny B and the Goodes; Kurt Crandall and True Story; Ignition